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On-Da-Lift Boat Detailing

Keeping your boat clean doesn't have to be difficult! We come to you and clean your boat right on the lift so you can enjoy the lake without the chore of cleaning up! Guaranteed to leave your boat smelling fresh & clean! All we ask is you leave us access to lowering the lift so we can ventilate the boat as we clean! 

ps- this is not for the exterior of the boat

We offer 2 different detailing services

Maintenance Cleaning

(vacuum, mop hard floors, clean upholstery/ doors/ railing & helm with gentle cleanser)

Deep Cleaning

(All of the above + wash carpets, use vinyl cleaner on upholstery, apply vinyl & UV protectant coating on upholstery)

+$2.5/Ft - Compartment Cleaning

(Wipe out compartments and replace items)

Free Canopy Cobweb Cleaning With Service!

Answer the questions below to receive your estimate!

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